How do I keep track of my Appointments?

To view your upcoming appointments, go to the "Appointments" tab in the "Menu Bar", then Click "Details" on an appointment card. The appointment card shows the basic information of an appointment, such as the type, name, date and time, and location of the appointment. appm1.png In the Appointment Detail window, you can view the detailed information of the appointment, such as the clinic, participating staff of the appointment. The "Photos" section will be edited by the agency after the appointment. appm3.png You can also use the "Calendar" tab in the "Menu Bar" to view your appointments. To do so, press the "Calendar" button in the "Menu Bar". If you want to the calendar to show your appointments only, go to the filter section, and only leave the checkbox of "Appointments" as checked. appm4 (1).png To learn more about using the Calendar page, please go to How should I use the Calendar in Patriot Conceptions Portal?

Last updated on 10th March 2022

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