How do I get the $500 sign-on bonus?

The $500 sign-on bonus is a reward that we offer to encourage surrogates to complete their surrogate application in a prompt manner. If the surrogate can complete the required steps within 72 hours after creating an account on the Patriot Conceptions Portal, we will give the surrogate a $500 bonus check.

To get the $500 sign-on bonus, a surrogate needs to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Finish all the application forms.

This includes all required fields, file uploads, and signatures. You can access all the forms in the "Menu Bar". If you're using the Portal on your phone, you can open the menu by pressing this button. menu button.png Then, you can access all the forms in the "Forms" submenu. forms2.png You can track the progress of all your forms with the "Checklist" card in the "Dashboard". forms1.png

Step 2: Retrieve Medical Records of all your previous pregnancies using the "Medical Records" tab.

First, press the "Medical Records" button in the "Menu Bar" mr1.png Then, if you're using the Portal on your phone, select one of your facilities at the top of the "Medical Records Dashboard", and press "Continue" at the bottom of the screen. mr_mb1 (1).png Next, follow the steps and instructions to retrieve the Medical Record from that facility. Your progress of retrieving Medical Record from each facility will be saved. Therefore, You can work on retrieving Medical Records from multiple facilities at the same time, and freely switch between the facilities.

See also: How do I request my Medical/OBGYN Records and send it to Patriot Conceptions

Step 3: Once you've retrieved a Medical Record from one of your facilities, upload it in the "Upload Record" step. mr2.png

Last updated on 10th March 2022

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